Cauliflowers, an All-Year Round Crop


A half-hardy member of the Brassica family, cauliflowers are a cool weather crop that can be grown as annuals or biennials. For a crop that’s a little difficult to grow, cauliflowers are available all-year round.

What makes it so?

The many varieties of this pretty vegetable – as long as the specific cultivar is planted at the appropriate time – allow it to be grown, harvested and sold all throughout the year.

For instance, the summer cauliflower variety is sown in the month of January, transplanted in March or April, to be harvested in June to July.

Autumn cultivar is harvested in the months of October and November.  They are typically transplanted late in June and its cutting time is right about the middle of September to as late as December.

The winter cauliflower variety, which is very slow to mature, usually takes about 40 as long as 50 weeks before they can be harvested.  They are sown in May, transplanted in July and are cut out in February.

This delicious and beautiful vegetable which comes in white, green, orange or purple may be easy to have any time of the year, but they are especially abundant during fall, winter until early spring.