How to Choose the Perfect Cauliflower at the Supermarket

Cauliflowers are not cheap – at least, not as cheap as its fellow Brassica relatives.  So if you are going to buy a bunch at the supermarket, make sure you pick the perfect one to make the most out of your money.

What should you look for in supermarket-bought cauliflowers?

Select a cauliflower with creamy white or mild yellow florets.  Do not pick the ones that have a color that is too white – it means the cauliflower has not fully ripened yet.

The florets should be firm to the touch and tightly bunched together with no specks of brown.  A cauliflower that begins to feel even just a little bit soft with brown spots means it is at the first stage of spoilage.

The cauliflower should also feel heavy for its size.  Its weight is an indication of how much meat and juice it has.

Also take a look at the base of the cauliflower’s stem.  A cauliflower with a dry, discolored stem means the vegetable is past its peak.

Cauliflowers are available all throughout the year.  You can find cauliflowers in the produce section of supermarkets, specialty markets and health food stores.