How to Prepare and Boil Cauliflower without the Smell?

Cauliflower may be delicious when already prepared and prepared right, but they don’t smell very nice when they are still in the pot, cooking.

How can one get to eat cauliflower without going through the torture of smelling them while being cooked?

You have to understand where the cauliflower smell comes and what brings is about.  This vegetable contains natural chemicals that make cauliflower taste, well, like cauliflowers.

But when the vegetable is heated, these chemicals break down into compounds – ammonia and hydrogen sulfide – that makes it smell.  The longer you heat the cauliflower, the more awful its smell is going to be.

You can eat the cauliflower raw.  You will definitely avoid the smell altogether and you will not lose much of this vegetable’s vitamins and nutrients.

But if you really want to cook it, there are means you can employ to have a cauliflower dish while getting around its smell.

After washing the cauliflower, removing the leaves and cutting the base, woody stem and core, you can boil them in a pot of water with a bay leaf.  The leaf can mask the smell of cauliflower while it’s cooking without really affecting the taste of the dish.  Simply take the leaf out when you’re ready to serve the cauliflower.

Another way of getting rid of the bad smell is by pouring plain white, cider or organic vinegar while you are cooking the cauliflower.  The cauliflower smell will dissipate and don’t worry about the vinegar – the “vinegary” smell will also be dispelled.

You can also add a piece of bread on the cauliflower while it’s boiling.  The bread will absorb most of the smelly molecules instead of letting it float in the air.

Take note not to use aluminum or iron pot when cooking cauliflowers.  The sulfur compounds naturally contained in the vegetable will react to aluminum and iron and will make the smell of cauliflowers more intense and yellow in color.