How to Store Cauliflower

If you have bought more cauliflowers than you are going to use, you will need to store the remaining vegetable for later use.

How long do cauliflowers in storage last?  How does one store cauliflowers?

The life of a stored cauliflower would depend on how it was handled when it was being harvested.  The more bruises it has, the more likely it is for decay to set in prematurely.

How the cauliflower was cut would also matter.  If you have bought pre-cut cauliflowers, it should not last very long in storage – probably about a day or two.  Whole cauliflower heads last a little longer – about five to seven days – in the refrigerator.  It’s also best to store them in the fridge unwashed.

If you have bought a head that has not been pre-wrapped, you can put it on an open plastic bag and stow it away in the crisper drawer.  Place the cauliflower head with the stem down.  If you put the head down first, moisture would accumulate and soak the florets, making it spoil much faster.

You can also opt to store your cauliflower crops in the coolest area of your house and it should last for about three weeks.

Hang the vegetable upside down in a cool, dry area and lightly spray the head with mist every day.  Storing the cauliflower this way would make it last for approximately three weeks.  After this period, the leaves would begin to turn yellow and wilt and the curds will turn brown.