What is the Best Way to Pick Cauliflowers?

Once you have determined that the time is perfect to harvest your cauliflowers, the next step is to find out how to pick them – and pick them properly.

Yes, there is such a thing as the correct way of harvesting cauliflowers.  Following such procedure would prolong storage quality and could make or break the vegetable’s physical appearance.

Harvest your cauliflowers when its curds are still firm.  But when you are pulling off the curd, remember not to remove all the leaves.  The remaining leaves would help the head stay fresh and prolong its storage life.  It will also keep the head from breaking.

Using a sharp knife, cut the stem under the cauliflower head – never handle the vegetable on the head itself.  When cutting, do it very carefully.  Once it’s off the stem, take note not to allow it to scruff or roll on anything.  Why?

Curds are highly sensitive.  If they are not handled properly, they will bruise easily.  Once they are bruised, decay would prematurely set in.

After the main head has been harvested, the plant will no longer produce another head but it would still yield little florets that are edible.